Monday, September 14, 2009

eQSL 10 meter

This eQSL card was in my Inbox. It is my only 10 meter QSO I have made. Probably a sporadic E reflexion. My antenna system is not suitable for 10 meter. Only my Miracle Whip barefoot and indoors, and that's what i did. So I am happy with this confirmation with S51ZZ.


  1. Fantastic QSO and lovely EQSL card. How are you getting on with eQSL? and how are you getting on with VQ Log? I downloaded it for the 100th time yesterday and had another look at it - imported all my logs from Winlog. It is a cool programme and I like it a lot. The map is great. Not too sure about the interfacing arrangements with eQSL though. Looks like you have to export an ADIF and then import an ADIF on eQSL which is a little more complicated. But I like the programme VERY MUCH and am very tempted to change over myself now I have had a better look at it. 73 Paul and great work with the bare Miracle Whip. You have had very positive experiences with the little antenna haven't you. Adam (M6RDP)

  2. Hello Adam, eQSL is doing good. I like it very much. VQlog is nice, but I have to transport all my QSO, by hand, into VQlog. Now I am using a spreadsheet. Very easy in use and easily to back up. Yeah, my MW is doing good. I am very satisfied with the little wonder. Now in a combination with a curtain rail, perfect! 73, Paul


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