Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cycle 24

The two spots were hiding behind the sun, but now they are visible. Two brilliant spots could be the start of cycle 24. The Solar Flux is up to 75 now. Would this be the end of a sunspotless period? This morning I worked LA5SAA, Mike from Tau, Norway with SSB on 40 meter. We had a little nice chat, Mike was running 500 watts. It was nice that Mike could hear me. It has been a long time I had a SSB QSO on 40 meter. I worked YU7AOP Milan from Zrenjanin, Serbia on 20 meter with SSB; and DBØMVB Gerhard from Berlin, Germany on 40 meter with SSB and also HB9VELO from Vezia, Switserland and SN2ØØ9EM Tom from Lodz, Poland. DX with WSPR: RW9FZ on 30 meter 3226 km.


  1. Afternoon Paul, yeah it's great the sunspots are back. I have NEVER worked LA on SSB. I would very much like to. I wonder if they are making it any easier for Dick to get a signal out from Vichy? Bye for now, Adam

  2. Hello Adam, today I work only with SSB. I cannot say that the sunspots have an effect on the propagation now. 20 meter is almost silent.On 40 meter I can hear some stations, EI, G, F and DL. Today I discover the IF shift of the FT817. Great! I can help to hear the station better when you change the IF shift. Do you use it? I hope that the conditions will be better in a few days if the sunspots will last. And hopefully, it turned out right for Dick. 73, Paul

  3. Hi Paul,

    I heard (and worked) a LA station from the US yesterday but I wasn't sure about the call sign. I didn't enter it in the log book...also heard a familiar OK1KT.

    Yes...the bands are up again!

    John N8ZYA (QRP)

  4. Hello John, was the qso in cw? And which band? I hope the sunspots stay a little while.
    73, Paul


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