Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beautiful places

A few years ago we spent our holidays near Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France. It's a very lovely place to visit. Today I worked F5KAQ/P on 40 meter with CW, one of the few stations I heard. He was working from Tombelaine Isl. in the bay of Mont Saint Michel. Last night I worked ESØIC, Meeme from Kassari Island, Estonia on 30 meter with BPSK31. Unfortunately, the second part of our QSO was lost because of heavy QSB. With WSPR I come across a lot of the same stations. Tonight 2 new stations on 30 meter: KB8UUM from Washington, DC and S51CN from Slovenia. Because the USA is a very big country, I will mention from now on from which state they come. I have now worked 6 states.


  1. Hello Paul,

    DC is hitting close to home...was that CW or digital?

    PSK has been an interest for me because of the "portable option". You do a great job on your contacts and I can't help but be curious about that mode.

    I used to run "packet" with a "palm top computer" (PDA). I carried it around while hiking in the mountains and kept it in my shirt pocket along with the TNC in my backpack. It worked great.

    I sent letters back and forth to a park ranger, on the other side of the US, who was running the same thing while riding a horse and checking "backwoods camping sites" for "fire violations".

    One time I worked the Russian Space Station (MIR) while sitting in a "cow pasture" watching it cross the night sky from West Virginia.

    I got a nice QSL card from them.

  2. Hello Jspiker, it was a WSPR 'contact' a very nice digital mode, only 6 KHz bandwidth, and I believe that soon a basic QSO is possible. I never work with Packet before. But what you wrote sounds interesting. It's great you contacted MIR. That must be very special. Thanks for visiting my site, 73, Paul


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