Friday, September 18, 2009

Are you a LID sometimes?

Ever heard about LID? I don't. I found this video on Youtube by KC7FYS. I quote him:

Just another average day, out with my wife and son, biking through the rice fields and concrete neighborhoods. My first foray into the 17 Meter band (18.068-18.168 MHz) came out well. Purported to be using only wire antennae, Hans DL5SDF, is stationed in Mindanao, Philippines with 100 watts. I was pleased as punch to hear this one station on this WARC band--but I made the mistake of working him twice. He came back with my signal report of 529 and LID LID.

I found this old quote from a hundred years ago, from a telegraph operator's letter. It cites the usage of the word 'lid' do describe a bad operator.
"As an employee of the Western Union Telegraph Company, W. L. Matteson was familiar with the rich vocabulary of insults that telegraph line operators had developed over the years, including, as noted in this article, "lid" and "ham" to describe incompetents. However, at the time this letter appeared popular usage was changing, and many amateur radio enthusiasts had already begun to use "ham" as a casual general description for their fellow amateurs. (In contrast, referring to amateurs as "lids" continues to this day to mean that you are questioning their basic competency.)"

Today no ham radio I think. My daughter is ill, she catch a cold, and now she at home on the couch. We watched together the video 'Dirty Dancing' because I like Patrick Swayze. RIP. To young to die.


  1. Hallo Paul, Sorry to hear your daughter has a cold. Hope she will reocover quickly and that it will not be a heavy cold. I like the posting the term "LID" - not heard that one before! Not very nice of the operator in question to come back with that term though - not in keeping with HAM radio's friendly & patient spirit. Great to heat Dick is with us in Europe - Vichy I understand. What a horrible welcome at LHR. Bye for now. Adam

  2. BTW, how come your picture appears on your comments and mine does not? Is there something I can activate to switch it on? 73 Adam

  3. Sorry, it just appeared! No need to reply. Adam

  4. I hate that term LID, and the smug superiority of the person using it. There are no LIDs, just people who still have things to learn, people who have forgotten what they learned and people who make mistakes now and again.

  5. Hello Adam and Julian, I don't like people who shows a kind of superiority, such as the operator (DU9...) in the video does. I agree with you, Julian. Everyone can make a mistake, and when I first made my CW QSO, the sweat was in my hands. But most of the time the other radio amateur understands when you have to learn. 73, Paul


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