Saturday, September 5, 2009

Antarctica VKØBP

Conditions must be pretty good tonight. I was WSPR-ing on 30 meter (where I can find many radio amateurs) and was reported by VKØBP Bob at Davis Station, Antarctica. Good for 14.733 km; my absolute record for QRP. Also a new DXCC Country WSPR and new continent. Unbelievable that my 5 watt signal is heard at the other end of the world with my Miracle Whip antenna + 10 m wire. And keep in mind there are no sunspots. So what will happen when there are sunspots again? Whoa! Other stations YU1UN 1478 km; RA3ZSE 2275 km; K2ZD 5850 km; K1JT 5924 km; W3CSW 6156 km; N1PQ 5555 km; and many others from Europe. [View a part of my log] While the rig was working I picked up my daughter (11) who was for the first time with her school-class to a disco party. As a father, I was a bit worried. Going out for the first time without her daddy and mum.


  1. Very well done. Paul, it has to be that antenna system. You are really in a hot spot with a hot antenna. A big day for you on the radio. Bigger day, seeing your daughter as now quite the young lady.

    73 de Dick

  2. Hallo Again, Just to repeat Dick's comments really and to say congrats on being heard so far away. Antarctica is unbelievable! Just think of the fun us QRP stations will be able to have with 2-Way WSPRing. We won't need big antennas, we won't need higher power and we won't even need sunspots!!!!!! You will make sure you tell us when 2-way QSOs in WSPR become possible, because I for one will definitely get it set-up. 73 Adam

  3. Hi Dick: the YL said: there must be something magic, earth radiation or something weird. Certainly a hot spot. 73, Paul

    Hi Adam, the 2-way WSPR would be nice. Something like PSK. But... my signal drops down somewhere, I get a QSL, uploaded to a central database, so in a way it's a QSO. It's like a unmanned spacecraft, sent by men, going through space. 73, Paul


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