Friday, September 11, 2009

Adam goes WSPR

It was good to see that Adam M6RDP is going WSPR. And I saw beautiful DX, when I peek in Adams log. Hail to the Digi Modes! Because its hard nowadays to get through with a SSB QRP signal. Even CW is not the solution. Only the digimodes such as PSK31 and WSPR will bring us somewhere. Tonight I worked on 40 meter with PSK31 RD3BD, Vladimir from Moscow, Russia.

WSPR DX: WB2LMV, Napanock, NY; 5787 km. Not far from Dick N2UGB (Amsterdam, NY) approx. 90 miles.


  1. Morning Paul, I have RD3BD eQSL rotating on my Google Desktop. Always good to contact an exotic, faraway city like Moscow. Yeah I have had fun WSPRing. My signal getting across the North Atlantic for the first time ever from my QTH. That is an exciting moment. 2E0HOO Hugh is coming round to my QTH on Sunday night with his 817. We are going to experiment with PSK and setting his 817 up with my MP-1, so it should be good fun. 73 for now, Adam
    BTW, I took a good look at my site statistics the other night: a huge percentage of my visitors enter my site from your blog, so thank you for the link.

  2. Hello Adam, yes, WSPR is fun. Putting links on web sites generate always more traffic. Good luck with the PSK31 experiment and the MP-1. Have a nice Saturday! 73, Paul

  3. Glad Adam is doing so well in WSPR. Good for the moral. Waiting for him to let me know which rig and antenna he is using. 73 Dick


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