Monday, September 28, 2009

A new week ahead

As a SWL the Trio Kenwood R-599 was my first professional receiver. I was very proud with this wonderful amateur band receiver. I monitored the amateur bands for a few years and then I was studying for my license. In 1976 I got my C license, only for VHF and UHF. But I wanted to work on HF so I was studying CW and when I reached the 12 words per minute I did the exam. So a half year later I got my Full license. Unfortunately I sold the receiver... shame on me.


  1. There are lots of radios I've owned and sold in my 35 year ham radio career that I nostalgically wish I still had. No garage would be big enough.

    I wonder just how well the R-599 would compare against modern receivers, though?

  2. Morgen Paul,

    That Trio R599 is a lovely looking radio. I bet you had hours of fun with it. Us newcomers to the hobby enter without fully appreciating how hard it was to get an HF licence years ago when there was a CW requirement. I take my hat off to you and all the other radio amateurs who studied long and hard to learn CW. I expect many who wanted an HF licence simply couldn't get one as they couldn't learn morse.

    Anyway, enjoy the week ahead. 66 DXCC is unbelievable. What an incredible achievement. You must be very pleased. I checked and out of my 38 DXCC I only have 17 countries which I can confirm with a QSL card.

    I have had a poor return rate of direct QSLing and many people who said they would return 100% never did. So I am almost finished with paper QSL cards as I switch over to eQSL exclusively.

    Enjoy the week. 73 Adam

  3. Hello Julian, what I can remember was the reception very good. But I don't know for sure. The nowadays receivers are probably better. 73, Paul

    Hello Adam, my 66 countries are not with QSL cards confirmed. It is what I have in my logbook. But that will count for me. HI. 10% is confirmed by QSL card. So 100% QSL sure as they say is not true. That's why I stopped paper QSL cards. I also only sent eQSL cards now. I am glad I learned CW because it is a nice mode to worked with. And once learned, you'll never forget. You can try EhoCW automatic keyer software
    It works with a CAT cable or just plain with VOX as I do, it decodes the CW on your screen, and with macros you send your CW out. So you don't have to learn CW, you can be on air with CW. It can helps to learn CW also. 73, Paul

  4. Good morning Paul. Like Julian, I have sold too many receivers, not to mention transceivers, over nearly half a century. Yikes...half a century! The best was a military spec SP-600. Weighed 1000 kilo, hi. Was the very model receiver I trained on in USAF radio school. 73 Dick

  5. Hello Dick, and now we regret most of it. I sold a old one to buy a new one. That is what happens to most of us, I think. Have a nice day, 73 Paul


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