Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today is a special datum: 09-09-09. This will happen only once. On photo the town Kavala, Greece where SV7KDO lives. He reported me on 30 meter WSPR. Distance 1970 km. Also RA3ZSE on 30 meter, 2275 km. [View log]
With BPSK31 on 30 meter I worked ES3RM Mait from Jarvakandi, Estonia. Today I did a lot of painting around the house. Tomorrow more to do. The cat was curious and walked over the wet painting. Aaargh... Tonight I'm going to watch the soccer game between Scotland and The Netherlands. [video]
WSPR DX: VK6BN 40M; W3CSW 30M; W1XP 30M; RA3ZSE 30M; EA8AY 30M; OH2BMH 30M; [view log]


  1. What is attractive about WSPR is being able to leave your station unattended and do work around the house, even travel for a day. Still pumps out a mighty five-watts unattended.

    Never could get interested in soccer/foot. Rugby is my Euro sport. Allez les bleus.
    73 de Dick

  2. Hello Dick, in the Netherlands is soccer the number 1 sport. All dressed up like Orange monkeys we'll watch the match. Though, it is a little bit of madness. hi
    73, Paul

  3. I just did a double-take, VK6BN!!!! WOW!!!!


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