Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I downloaded WSPR software and install the program to see how it will work. Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network [link]. I transmitted 1 watt and later 500 milliwatt on 30 meter. Automatically the program send and received the data, and all I have to do is watch how things are going. Click on the photo to enlarge the picture. Here you see my reports. Or look here. SV8ARJ received me with 0,5 and 1 watt distance 2019 km. OH2BMH 1513 km. And TK1DP from Corsica, distance: 1223 km.


  1. Hi Paul. Very good results.

    What sort of antenna are you using for 30 meters?

    Are you indoors or outdoors?


  2. Hi Dick,
    I am using my low profile antenna: The Miracle Whip (indoors) and I attached a 10 m wire to it (which is going outside 6 m above ground)

    73, Paul

  3. Paul, you are fortunate. Not everyone has such success with the MW, even a modified MW like yours.

    Continued GL es 73.

  4. Hi Dick, yes I know. Not everybody is happy with the MW. I tried many places in the living room, nor every place is good. Even so with the counterpoise, it's searching for the right place and height. Also the (cheap electrical) wire. I made a tap somewhere appr. 1/8 of the wire and I use an open feedline. Just trial and error. Eventually things are good. I have no urge for a another antenna. I am satisfied so far. I do have a Magnetic loop indoors, but the wire + MW is a lot better.
    73, Paul


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