Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whisper mode

I love to work with the 'Whisper mode' WSPR or MEPT-JT digital mode. Unfortunately, I can't work on 80 and 6 meter because of HF foldback. It was nice to see if there was any sporadic E refection by the Perseid meteor shower. The strongest this year. Look outside the window this evening / night or early morning. A big chance you can make a wish... anyway, I work with the Whisper mode on 30 meter with 500 milliwatt and in 8 minutes I was heard in 10 countries, maximum distance 1513 km OH2BMH, average 737 km, not bad at all. The method was developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT. More information by G4ILO's website. A wonderful site with a lot of useful information for the radio amateur. Have fun and enjoy!

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