Sunday, August 30, 2009

We did it!

We did it! I made a QSO with Adam M6RDP on sked. Though the signals were weak and nevertheless, a very strong local QRM with S8 on the meter makes it very hard. Before I was working DJ9RQ with 59, but he was running 700 watts. While I was writing the logbook I heard Adam working him after me. If I had no QRM I think I could copy Adam OK. [listen to the recording, not the best part of the QSO, hi] it's good we have email. When 40 meter will improve with coming of the fall and winter, we will make a good QSO, because it is possible.


  1. Hi Paul, Great to hear my voice on the internet! Thanks for the recording. It was fun to have the brief QSO with you. Thanks for your patience. I am taking Bradley to the sea tomorrow at Dawlish as the forecast is good, so a day off from the shack I think! BTW, I have managed to get that cool Flag Counter gadget on my blog and I really like it. Very useful. Good night. Tot ziens. Adam

  2. Hey, how about that! 73 Dick

  3. Hi Adam, it was a pleasure working you and to hear your voice. When conditions will be better in a few months on 40 meter we will certainly work each many times. Than there is more short skip also at daytime.

    Hi Dick, yes, it was really fun, though very hard to copy Adam. The next step is working you!

    73, Paul

  4. Maybe when I get over to your side of the pond, Paul. 73 de Dick


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