Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This morning on 80 meter with WSPR max. distance 894 km, reported by John EI7GL from Cork, Ireland. To the east DF6MK 730 km and to the south F6IRF 757 km. [view log] I wonder why I can't be heard with SSB or CW on 80 meter. It happens only twice this year. Well, the MW+W isn't the big antenna for lower bands, but it's remarkable that WSPR on 80 and 160 works. OK, digimodes rules!

Today the weather is fine but hot. Temperature will rise to 30C or 31C. Too hot for amateur radio, so I will go with the wife and kids to the beach this afternoon. The kids are back to school after summer holidays, but this afternoon they are off. Have a nice day!

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