Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This morning I had a BPSK31 qso with SQ9BEJ Stan from Bielsko Biala, Poland (photo) on 40 meter. With WSPR on 30 meter and 0,5 watt max. distance: 856 km OE3RFA. [view log] Tonight conditions on 80 and 40 meter were very good. A lot of stations on the band. On 40 meter I worked with SSB IV3SUS, Savino from Villa Opicina, Italy; distance 1014 km. He was running 500 watt, 59 with me and I got a 58, not bad. Also worked LA/DL3YXD, Ingo from Rjukan, Norway. I tried to copy CU/G3UKV with CW, but there was a big pile up. To difficult for me. Hi.


  1. Good contacts Paul, S8 from Italy is as good as it gets. The Norway contact exceptional! That's well into Scandavia. 73 de Dick

  2. Hi Dick, it was good to hear a crowded band, after days of noise. 73, de Paul


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