Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Myth of a Good SWR

Hurricane Bill is crossing the Atlantic to visit us. It will be weaken before it hit Ireland/England and The Netherlands. But Bill will give us some rain and wind. Band conditions for 40 and 20 meter are very bad. This morning I heard only one weak SSB station on 20 meter, that was all, even no CW stations. Maybe tonight on 40 meter... I made a new intro for my Youtube Channel. I don't like camera's when they are pointed at me. I feel a bit silly. But on the other hand I like a kind of intro. The video before had doubles. I told in one video the same story twice. So I made a new one. Today I came across a nice story about SWR. How important is a good SWR? I noticed on 30 meter with 5 watt a bad SWR (4 to 5 bars) on the FT817. Though when I check the power meter, 5 watt is going out. So what is the point? You can read the story here. (or download) Have a nice day.

Tonight I worked for the first time with SSB on 160 meter. I had a QSO with PHØNGK, Reinier from Oosthuizen and PA7MEM Martin from Heemskerk on 1850 KHz. 15 a 20 km from me. Thank you gentlemen for your patients for listening to my weak signal. (S7) but a lot static noise.


  1. Hello Paul, Very interesting article on SWR. I will certainly re-evaluate the way I think in terms of SWR. Great picture of Hurricane Bill! Glad your internet connection is back. We're lost without it, aren't we! 73 Adam

  2. Evening again Paul, Just been to your YouTube link - lovely to see your shack with the 817 and MW, and isn't that wire up high! It's a great hobby and I especially like looking at other people's shacks. Tot ziens! Adam

  3. Hi Adam, I read the article also for the first time today. Indeed an eyeopener. Without Internet I began to shake. ;-) In the seventies I had an attic full with equipment. Several transmitters and receivers. And yes, QRO. A beam for 20-15-10 meter on the roof. Later, I sold everything. Last year started low profile with much more fun. 73, Paul

  4. Hi Paul, I looked at your u-Tube offerings, all very nice. How about shooting some video of the antenna as it appears outdoors. That passed a bit quickly. I would like to see more. The way propagation is, and will continue to be so it seems, 160M may be the only usable HF band one of these days. 73 de Dick

  5. Hi Dick, you pause the video. The feed line is also electrical wire which radiate too. How simple can it be? I have thought about coax feed. Maybe I have losses in the first part of the line? I dunno. With coax I have to drill a hole in the wall. But that is too much for 1 feed line. There is a pipeline through the house for coax and it goes to the roof. The contractor has arranged that for me, because one day I put a antenna on the roof. I think about the Falcon 250b vertical. 73, Paul


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