Saturday, August 15, 2009

Surprises on 80 meter

On photo the antenna of UT5UZ. He heard me on 80 meter with WSPR, a distance of 1762 km, and another QRP record for me on 80 meter. Also heard by G7JVN and G4ENZ. It is the first time I reach England on 80 meter. With the Miracle Whip and clipped on wire I work 2 stations before on 80 meter with SSB. The SWR and power output are OK on 80 meter. Only the radiation pattern is not perfect. Tomorrow I will try 160 meter. But this experience was pretty stunning, because I did not expect such a result.

Juan, EA5BLP wrote a nice story about the Miracle Whip in the MW Yahoo group.
"This night I couldn´t expect to work Manuel, XE3RT in Mexico on 14 Mhz. The propagation was very poor and only a few and low cw signals were audible on the band. To have a successful QRP operation is always advisable to expect nothing, and not to be afraid of nothing. So that I answered his call without any kind of complex. I was sat on the beach using 10 watts cw and the Miracle Whip. As a consequence of a propitious conjunction of propagation, working conditions on both sides, and absence of fear and shame, we had a long and nice QSO from Benicarlo, in the Mediterranean coast of Spain, to Tabasco, working a distance abt 9.000 Km over the Atlantic sea. Not bad when you expect nothing from the Ionospheric Goods. Some fishermen near me were wondering what kind of fishes i was fishing...
Another point to a successful operation is to be concerned about the bands of your interest using the whip. Everybody knows that you don´t need big antennas and notorious gain to make a decent job on 28 Mhz when the band is opened.Of course, the whip will work better on the upper bands than on the lower. This a point some people tends to forget. But even in 40m there are frequent surprises.
The third point is to look always for good locations. Up in a mountain, in the clear, or near the sea or lakes.
At last, the performance of the antenna depends on the kind of operation you like. If you are devote of challenges, emotions and cw, and quick portable operations , the whip will do it´s job amazingly well. Otherwise, the Miracle Whip is a very good option to that ham who compete only against himself.
73, dx , and if you are in summer like I´m, enjoy your gear and take it for a walk!
73 dx!"

Keep up the amazing QRP work and have a nice Sunday!


  1. Paul, I stand in awe of your accomplishments. And this done on 80 meters no less!

    Sincere congratulations.

  2. Hi Dick, and I wonder where this will end. ;-) What if conditions are back in (hopefully) the near future? 73, Paul

  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for the post. Amazing what can be done on QRP, CW and the Miracle Whip. And even more amazing when the band is as low as 80M. Very many congratulations. 73 Adam


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