Friday, August 21, 2009

PROPHF software

For a year I use DXPROP and now PROPHF, software for radiowave propagation forecast freeware for ham radio operators, permit to predict propagation on 12 frequencies. It’s developed by Christiaan F6GQK. All you have to do is fill in your call sign, coordinates and the solar flux. Together with WSPR I get a good insight what is normal or exceptional propagation. On this page you can find more information and a link to download the software. This morning I started WSPR on 30 meter for 20 minutes. Max. distance: 1849 km CT1EDK. [view log]


  1. I am VERY interested in propagation and am going to have a look straight away at PROPHF. Adam

  2. I admire the computer savy you fellows possess.
    Good luck de Dick

  3. Hi Adam and Dick, In a way things should be simple. Just a qrp rig and keyer. But I love technology too. ;-) 73, Paul


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