Thursday, August 13, 2009

Perseid Meteor Shower

Tonight I was watching the Perseid Meteor Shower with my daughter (11) in the garden. We saw several meteors flying by. My daughter says she makes the same wish over and over again. I was also shooting a video for 45 minutes. Tomorrow I will look if I was lucky to catch a meteor. With the on line Radio Reflexion Detection by G7IZU I could watch the Perseid shower on my screen. I saw several fire balls. (see photo)

With WSPR I received on 30 meter W1XP 5 W 5549 km; PY2GN 5W 9032 km; N1PQ 5W 5924 km.
My signal 0,5 Watt was received by CT1EKD 1849 km; Check my log.

See what you can do with QRP. It's really fun!

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