Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Year

This month my blog is one year old. I started in Dutch, but soon I changed it in English, though, my English is far from perfect. Should I write in Dutch? My readers can use the 'Google Translation' in the sidebar? Tell me what you think and be honest - I will not feel offended. After a long period of absence as a radio amateur, I renewed my license and started again. I retired last year and had more time for the hobby. The YL has to work for another twenty years or so, she is much younger than I am, 17 years. That explain the young kids I have. When she is going to work and the kids are to school, I turn on the rig and have a good time. I gave my blog a new make over. I hope you like it. 73, de Paul PC4T


  1. Happy Birthday to the blog! Well Paul, I like the strange google translations personally. Which language do you prefer to write in? Do you find it easier to be more yourself, more natural, in Dutch? If so, then I would say write it in Dutch. I for one will carry on reading your blog whatever language you write it in as I find it interesting and inspirational. There is another consideration: if you write it in Dutch and an English person puts "QRP radio blog" into Google (which I did), would your site still come up on google? I guess you do, after all, want to reach as many readers as possible, and I suppose that is more likely when you write it in English. Like your new-look blog! BTW, I have ordered the MP-1 and hopefully it will arrive in time for the nice weather due this weekend. 73 de Adam (PS It was your inspirational blog that made me realize QRP is not a handicap but in fact makes the contacts we get even MORE enjoyable. I am a QRP fan now and find QRP a real pleasure, so thanks for a fabulous blog and please, never stop telling us of your radio adventures!)

  2. Congratulations and many happy returns on your blog's first birthday. It has provided a great deal of information. For example, I never heard of WSPR before reading of your exploits
    in that mode

    As Adam mentioned, if you feel that you would prefer your site in the Dutch language, by all means do so. Frankly, I never liked computer translators. Always found the English translation awkward. I would, probably, not translate.

    It has been my observation that the Dutch are more skilled in the English language than many other nationalities. Even more than the French. In fact the French government is somewhat concerned about it.

    Whatever your choice, best of luck in the future and 73 de Dick.

  3. Hi Adam and Dick, both thanks for the comments. What about the language. For instance: I can express myself in my own language the best. Of course. But I can see in my stats that my visitors comes from 76 countries. And I think most ham operators can speak and read a little English. It's about the content and not the language. But when I make mistakes in my own language, readers don't like it when the grammar is not good. Maybe the Dutch are too critical. And indeed, the Google translation is sometimes awkward. Example: I wrote once -> Toch niet gek van uit huis. Google translation: Still not crazy about leaving home. Huh? That is not what I meant. Better translation: Not bad for transmitting indoors. I think a lot of readers will not translate with the Google Translation. It's a hindrance to access my site. Most of the Dutch speak and understand English. It's no problem for the Dutch readers that my blog is in plain English.
    Stats: 32,9% Dutch readers; 27,9% USA; Belgium 5,8%; and UK 3,7%.
    So, if you don't mind faults in my grammar, I will continue in my effort the write in English.
    Have a nice day, 73 de Paul

  4. Hello Paul,
    The stats were very interesting: amazing that so many readers are from the USA. I think you will probably reach a wider audience in English, and as you say it is the content that is important and not the language. Very interesting how wrong google got that translation! Funny too! Thanks to a link on your blog to a UK blog I have signed up for an email alert of sporadic e openings in Europe. This might make it easier for me to make a DX contact on 2m SSB which interests me a lot. Thanks Paul. from Adam

  5. Faults in grammar??? Half my countrymen can't string two sentences together without making a grammatical error.

    Don't you worry about a thing, Paul. 73 de Dick

  6. Hi Adam, you mean G7IZU? It is a very interesting site.

    Hi Dick: LOL, thank you for the kind words.

    73, de Paul

  7. Hi Paul!

    Congrats on your first year of blogging!
    Always nice to read about your QRP Q´s and stories. Would be much more fun on the bands if everyone goes QRP.
    Great that you´ve picked up the old hobby again.
    I hope you´ll enjoy it for many more years!
    As mentioned above, keep it in English. We all can read it and you´ll reach more hams around the world than in our own language.

    73, Elmar PD3EM

  8. Hoi Elmar, thanks for your comment. Yes, QRP is really fun. It started as a necessity, because I had a lot TVI with QRO. Hi. So I go for QRP with success. 73, Paul


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