Thursday, August 20, 2009

On photo the QSL card of GIØHWO he reported my signal with WSPR on 80 meter. I also heard Roger G3XBM and he reported me also on 80 meter. [view log] On 20 meter I worked SP9LJD with SSB. He gave me a 59 report. He was running 1KW. Also 59 with me.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Funny how you are both "59", one with 10W the other with a 1kW!!!! Just proves you do not need this high power. 73 Adam

  2. Hi Adam, I was running 5 watt ;-) yeah, that shows that it doesn't matter what power you are running. Just go search the amateur band and call. There are always surprises just around the corner. 73, Paul

  3. This WSPR becomes more interesting every day. If I understand the mode correctly, you don't necessarily have to be constantly at the controls waiting for the other station to come back. It is experimentation in weak-signal work and the objective is not a two-way QSO.

    Sounds intriguing if one is not feeling chatty but wants to see how QRP or even QRPp on a particular time and frequency manages to be received world-wide.

    Your results have been quite spectacular.

    73 de Dick

  4. Hi Dick, it is completely automatic. You only have to download and install the software, fill in call, power, and band. Some use a interface with the sound card, but I use a cheap microphone for the input to the sound card. The FT817 mic in front of the speaker, enable VOX in your FT817, and go. On the WSPR website you can check your log. While this is running I can do some other things. ;-) 73, Paul


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