Sunday, August 23, 2009

On photo Manuel EA5TT which I worked with WSPR on 30 meter, with 0,5 watt. [view today's log] Today we visit friends who had bought a boxer puppy. Very sweet, but happy I don't have dogs at the moment. And other friends were celebrating their birthday, so I had enough pie for today. Temperature is rising again, and tomorrow maybe 28C. Now I am longing for the fall. (And hopefully better conditions on HF 40 meter)


  1. Hello Paul, That's a lovely QSL card. Sorry the temperature is increasing again. We are lucky here and today it is cool and wet (if you can call that lucky!!). Maybe I will post a picture of my Jack Russell, Bradley, on the blog one day. Like you I can't wait for 40M to improve as it is my favourite band. I have reverted to PSK this weekend as SSB has been such a struggle. 73 de Adam

  2. @Adam: a few years ago we had two Golden Retrievers, finally they were 14,5 years old and died. Yes, conditions are very poor. Not much to work. I hope when days are shortening again, 40 meter will improve. 73, Paul


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