Thursday, August 20, 2009

Magnetic Loop ML-40

Conditions will still be poor this year. We have to wait until next summer 2010 at least. We can see it as a challenge to see what is possible with very low sunspots. Today 40, 30 and 20 meter were quiet. A few stations in the noise. So I decided to put up the Magnetic Loop ML-40 indoors. I have nothing to loose. I have an absolutely perfect SWR on 40 - 30 and 20 meter. Because there is nothing to work I started WSPR on 30 meter with the Mag. Loop. On the map you the results. [view log] Not bad. I hope that tonight 40 meter will open up again so I can test the Mag. Loop also with SSB and CW. Here it is 34C, and it is bloody hot. I view the rain radar, to see what will happen this afternoon. The KNMI gives a severe weather warning for today. VERY HEAVY FLURRIES: MAJOR DAMAGE POSSIBLE.


  1. Hope you do not experience any weather damage. Parts of the USA had some tornados drop down the other day. A cooling trend expected here. GL de Dick

  2. Hi Dick, we had no problems here with the weather. The temperature dropped 10C down and that's fine. 73, Paul


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