Monday, August 17, 2009


Tonight I have been heard by K1JT Joe Taylor from Princeton NJ (photo), the man behind WSPR. With 500 milliwatt on 30 meter (5924 km) Also reported by 2E0MZB, 2E0KLD, IQ4AX, HB9AFZ, HB9BYC, F5RRS, OE3RFA, OH2MZA, PA4DE and DL8BB. On 40 meter with 2 watt reported by G4ENZ, G3WPD, G3THQ, G4CAO and VK8CH.

Another big surprise was ZS6Y from nr Johannesburg, South Africa on 40 meter with my 5 watt QRP, a distance of 9036 km.


  1. Great working Princeton home of Princeton University where Einstein taught for many years. This WSPR thing is most interesting. 73 de Dick N2UGB

  2. Hi Dick, indeed it is.


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