Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got a mail from Adam M6RDP that 20 meter was open, unfortunately, I read the mail too late. I couldn't hear stations on 14.285 MHz. So I went to 40 meter, there was enough activity. I worked GAØWRR John from Glasgow with SSB, he gave me a 55 report. Also worked SN5MWP a special event station from Poland. I got a 59 report. I listen for Adam on 7.068, but after a few minutes YU2TT came on the frequency.

Today we went to the beach, the temperature will rise tomorrow to 35C. I made a short film today, so see my daughter and son, and the YL. And the crowded beach. In the dunes there is no one to see. (view movie)

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  1. Good time to take the family out. Enjoy their company. An eye-ball QSO as it were. 73 de Dick


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