Tuesday, August 18, 2009

F8BBL shows indoor antenna

Here shows F8BBL an indoor antenna with the FT817. It's amazing how a simple wire can do such a tremendous job. For the moment I have no urge to change the antenna plan here. The MW+W works well. And we have to keep in mind that conditions are very low on HF. What if conditions are up again? We can make contacts with a wet needle. Maybe I buy an EH antenna for 40 meter. It is far out my favorite band. Short skip at daytime and DX at night. With QRP I work most DXCC on 40 meter, even with SSB. I like 30 meter also but only for CW and PSK31. The 30m band is rather small and there are a lot of big guns operate for DX. So QRP signals are drowning in the QRM. 40 meter seems to be open. I do hear a lot of European stations with SSB. I hope I can reach Adam M6RDP on 7.125 at 2100 UTC with QRP. Now is IV3SUS QRV on 7.123 MHz.

I did work on 80 meter with WSPR (view log) Max. Distance: F6IRF 757 km.

Update 21.20 UTC: The QSO with Adam M6RDP was not successful. I didn't hear anything. Only two stations nearby OK2KG and OH1TIN were calling DX. Big Guns, I'm afraid. No conditions for QRP. I think in October when fall comes, 40 meter will be better for short skip. One day it will happen.


  1. Hello Paul, I am sorry. I listened for you on 7125 (quite a lot of QRM from big guns calling DX) but sadly did not hear you over in Holland. At about 2104 I called you about 6 times until 2115UT. I just noticed a very, very weak station (an OE2)calling CQ on "our" frequency at 2120UT. Never mind. We tried! I guess propagation must have been in a different direction. Perhaps we can try again one day. Thank you for your patience. 73 de Adam

  2. Hi Adam, I just wrote a update about our attempts. Indeed there was a station on 7.125 at 21.20 OE2XIL calling DX. Thanks for trying, one day we will succeed. In the wintertime 40 m is excellent for short skip. Last winter I worked many stations from the UK. Good night!


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