Thursday, August 27, 2009

Conditions on 40 meter were quite good tonight. I had a nice 2 way SSB QRP QSO with MI3LOQ Paul from Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. He was running 10 watt into a Doublet Antenna for 80 and 40 meter. He was 59 and I get a 49 report because of heavy QRM nearby the frequency. A few Kc higher I heard EI8CE Aidan from Waterford, Ireland calling CQ. He came back for me and gave me a 58 report. He was S9 on the meter. He was running 400 watt. Earlier tonight I run WSPR on 30 meter with 500 milliwatt and best distance was OH2BMH 1513 km and EB4GYE 1493 km. I heard N2CQR and he was running 20 milliwatt!!! Wow. So good night for now.


  1. Nice QSOs into Ireland, Paul. I didn't put the HF on last night, but haven't had a contact in days now as conditions are so poor. Looking forward to the MP-1 arriving, hopefully later today.... 73 Adam

  2. Hi Adam, I'm curious about the results of your MP-1.

    The last two evenings, conditions on 40 meter were good. The were a lot of stations. Many UK and Ireland stations yesterday. We should try again. 73, Paul


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