Monday, August 3, 2009

Conditions are very poor. I tried CW and BPSK31, but nothing on 20 or 40 meter. So I tried SSB, I heard some stations working on 20 meter. I heard F2YT/P calling CQ. he came back for me and gave me 59. Paul-Joel from Estree Cauchy (Photo) France. Distance 300 km. 1 QSO in 4 hours time... I must be patient.


  1. Hello Paul, Thanks for the link! 817ND arrived today but without a power lead! So I have to wait
    for one to arrive. I have ordered the Miracle Whip used for £50.

    Yeah, conditions are poor today you are right.

    73 de Adam

  2. I hope your power lead will come soon.

    73, Paul


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