Friday, August 14, 2009


With WSPR my 2 watt signal was heard in Australia, VK8CH. That's 13512 km! Wow, just with 2 watts. Yesterday I read that Roger G3XBM has the same results. So I checked today also 40 meter and tried also my luck. And keep in mind that conditions on HF are very poor nowadays. So I am very happy with this personal QRP record.


  1. Anonymous8/14/2009

    Congrats for a suh good QRP job!

  2. Great! Simply GREAT. I presume you are still using the same MW system. Very impressed.
    72/73 de Dick N2UGB

  3. @Juan: thank you.

    @Dick: Yes, I use the same antenna system. MW + clipped on wire.

  4. Hello Paul, What a fantastic achievment - that your QRP signal from an 817 and Miracle Whip Wire can reach so far around the global is a credit to you. Very well done! I have contacted stations in your country twice now with my 817 and 20M longwire/ATU. Viva The Netherlands!!!

  5. @Adam: maybe next week I will try my Magnetic Loop indoors to see what it will do with WSPR.


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