Monday, August 31, 2009

80 meter rag chew

The IC 706MK is a nice rig. You can work QRP 5 watts or more. And when necessary you turn up to 100 watts. Not with the Miracle Whip because it will smoke. Here is a demonstration for 80 meter. There are many stations rag chewing. I work seldom on 80 meter because:

1. My antenna is not suitable for this frequency.
2. Working QRP is difficult on 80 meter. I can't hear all the stations in a group.
3. Often they don't hear me with QRP.
4. I don't like rag chewing, though I listen sometimes, but do not interfere.


  1. Hi, Paul. Yes, a nice rig. I think the FT-857 also has a 5-watt minimum. Takes a lot of committment to keep a QRO rig permanently at QRP level. Reason I like QRP-only radios, hi. I don't like "going-on" too long rag-chewing either. A bit more than the essential exchange, but not long-winded conversations.

    Have a nice day
    72/73 Dick

  2. Yeah, I am like you two: I like to exchange a few overs, but after 5 minutes or so I'm done! Are you considering a QRO rig, Paul? Before I decided to stay QRP, I was thinking of getting an Icom 718 instead of the Yaesu 817, and then getting a higher powered licence. But from what I read the QRP boys enjoy their contacts a whole lot more. I will take a look at that video of the 706 now. I have to say I prefer the look of the Icom radios: you seem to get Yaesu men and Icom men and I am an Icom-man! 73 Adam

  3. Hi Dick, sometimes it's alluring to put up the power. But I have experienced that more power is relative. And I got a lot of troubles with high power in the early days. So, born out of necessity I became a QRP man. With a Ten Tec QRP transceiver 2 watt I worked the west-coast of the USA. Probably in the peak of a solar cycle.

    Hi Adam, sometimes a bit more power... hi. No, I am a QRP man. Though, I do have a license for 600 watt on HF. But I never did. I like the Icom rigs. They look nice and I heard that the receiver is very good. I want to have an IC 703 some day.

    73, Paul


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