Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time for something else

It's time for other things to do. First, I go with vacation to Belgium. I have to paint my house, spend time with the family, and maybe in September the sunspots are back. I wish you a nice, warm en relaxing summer. 73's Paul


  1. Bonne vacance! I will be in France for 6 months beginning september.
    Dick N2UGB

  2. Hi Dick, well, that's a long time, a half year. Is it vacation or work or both maybe? I've been in France for many times, I have good friends living there. (La Haye) Have a good time! 73, Paul

  3. I'm retired. 6 months here, 6 months QRV de Vichy, St. Raphael with French lady companion. 73 de Dick.

  4. OK Dick, I understand. Have a good time and enjoy your stay there. 73, Paul


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