Monday, June 8, 2009

On photo F4FNL Thierry from Serriere Chautagne, France. I worked him on 20 meter BPSK31. Also worked HA1DRA, Frigyes from Hungary, we worked before. With CW I had a half QSO with IK1TWK Aldo from Rivoli, Italy, on 20 meter but after my return he was vanished. Probably QSB. Conditions on 20 - 40 meter are poor. This weekend I had no time for ham radio, very busy with all kind of things. So maybe this week more QSO's.


  1. After weekend in Montreal, Canada, some QRP cw on 20M this morning from home QTH (Amsterdam, NY). Yes, conditions poor! Worked TN and MN. About same distance as between Amsterdam (NL)-Rome (IT). For QRP, a QSO beteen NL and IT is DX...same between NY and MN. Considering compromise antennas and poor propagation. Keep up the QRPing

    Dick N2UGB

  2. Hi Dick, it's the distance that counts, however, I like to work anyone, never mind the distance. ;-) I never call CQ DX.

  3. Guess it is a question of degree and definition, Paul. Is a QSO between NL and Italy, with a few watts to a short wire antenna, less DX than a QSO between NL and NY with 100 watts to a Yagi?

    I think that making a radio contact from a minimalist station with output power no more than the night-lite that keeps you from tripping over the dog on your way to the bathroom at 3 in the morning qualifies as DX.

    Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse for my recent lack of international DX contacts, hi.


  4. Hi Dick, I think you are right. For me is 1000 km or more DX. Italy is always DX for me. Hi. 25 years ago I was also a QRO amateur and work the whole earth. It was normal to me to work LU in the afternoon or JA in the morning. But no thrill... you know. Now I am happy to work 2000 km with 1 watt. 73's Paul


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