Monday, June 15, 2009

Another change

A change of speed, a change of style
A change of scene, with no regrets
Ian Curtis – Joy Division – from ‘New Dawn Fades’

Everything changes, nothing stays the same. So I wanted my old call sign back earlier this year. Why? Nostalgia or was I used to the old call sign when I started CW again. Now my CW speed is satisfying ok, and the argument is no longer valid. But with phone is PAØPSY too long, especially when I work QRP. I love a short call sign when I heard one on HF. So, for the fourth time this year I changed my call sign again. I hope this one will last a little bit longer. And I should, because in a few years Agentschap Telecom run out of the short call signs. So, from now on I am PC4T.

Tonight I worked on 30 meter with CW and 3 watt: SQ9IDE Damian from Poland, DL3SEU/QRP Dieter from Germany and HA1ZH Zol from Hungary.


  1. Hi Paul glad to see you are better.

    As a QRP operator, I, personally, wouldn't use an "E or T" in my call. A dit E or dah T can get lost in QSB at just the wrong time. I fact, I tend to use less abbreviations (English) for similiar reasons. Fail to copy a letter in an abbreviation and the word may not be understood.

    Just my opinion so enjoy your new callsign.


  2. Hi Dick, I am feeling OK, thanks. Well, I understand what you mean, but I think every dit or dah could be lost in worst conditions. Primarily its for phone use. Papa Charly four Tango sounds better for me, then my old call sign. OK, we will see what happens. ;-)


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