Monday, May 11, 2009

Strange behaviour

On 20 meter I had a QSO with YT3AA, Zizak from Serbia with CW. Also I worked on 14.060 KHz George KZ1H with CW (5515km) at the end of the qso there was a strong qsb and signals became very weak, it's the second time we work each other. The first time on 40 meter was March 12, 2009. I heard this afternoon JA4FKZ very loud with CW on 20 meter. But there were many stations calling him. Also OY1CT Faroe Islands on 20 m, it's on my wish-list too. But what a strange behaviour when a rare station is on the air. Everybody is calling while QSO is on. He was transmitting: 'pse stop calling when I have a qso pse stop calling when I work a station.' I don't think it will help.

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