Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Solar Flux 69

On this video you can hear a pile up for TMØM on 20 meter this morning. I tried to work him but it was impossible, because I can come through a QRO pile up and bad conditions. The solar flux is 69 now, what means that conditions are become worse. It is hard to make a QSO with QRP at the moment. Yesterday I worked ON4CV on 20 meter with CW, after calling many stations I came across. There is a lot of short skip on 20 meter. Stations I normally do not hear. Suddenly I heard a lot of Japanese stations on 20 meter. Very strange. This morning I worked with BPSK31 on 20 meter: RA1TCJ, Ivan from near Yablonowo, Russia; and YU1LC, Rade from Nis, Serbia. This afternoon I worked UN1L, Gennady from Rudny, Kazakhstan on 20 meter with BPSK31. Distance: 3819 km.

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