Tuesday, May 26, 2009

QRP with 0,5 watt

Tonight I was turning down my power to 0,5 watt on 30 meter. I wonder what I can do with 500 milliwatt. Well, I was surprised. The first station was OM1ZL Laco from Bratislava, Slovak Republic. He gave me a 579 report. He was running 50 watts. The second station was 9A6DJM Ivo from Plovanija, Croatia. (599 report) Then I moved to 40 meter and was calling F8COJ Sébastien from Bauzemont with my 5 watts. He could barely hear my signal and gave me a 544 report. Back to 30 meter and 0,5 watt. IZ5BTF, Roberto (photo) from Basati came back for me. It is really fun to work with qrpp. 30 meter is a perfect band for QRP, I think.

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