Thursday, May 28, 2009

How low is low?

With a solar flux of 67, we are at a new lowest point of conditions. How low will it get. However, I made a qrpp qso (1 watt ssb) with DLØHBS Peter from Halberstadt, Germany on 40 meter this afternoon. I thought I wouldn't make a change with such low power and phone. But so you see, things are possible when you try. Tonight I worked Bor S58X from Maribor, Slovenia on 30 meter with BPSK31. I run only 1 watt. He transmitted to me: "PA0PSY/QRP de S58X - TNX Paul for QSO - FB WITH 1W GREAT SIGNAL, NOW 599 599!!! - QSL sure - 73 GL DX - PA0PSY/QRP de S58X kn" I think the Miracle Whip and the wire are a good couple. Hi!


  1. Congratulations on your fine QRPing. I am QRP cw on 20 and 30 meters with an FT-817ND and Buddistick verticle out the window. It isn't easy and europe QSOs are rare, but I manage.

    By the way my QTH is Amsterdam...New York State.


  2. Hi Dick, thanks for your reaction. As you see I work also with the FT817nd since August last year. Only a miracle Whip and I attached with a clamp a wire which hangs outside (appr. 10 m long) and it's working. With the CVAT of the Miracle Whip I tune the wire. Though I work a lot of east European stations incl. Asiatic Rusia. It's hard to work USA for me. Only work three times USA with CW. From MA, PA and NY. Why? I don't know. Maybe when conditions are better we can work each other, Dick. Take Care and GL. 73's Paul


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