Saturday, May 2, 2009

Contest activities

On photo Jeff WC4E. The following contests will take place over this weekend, they could give you an opportunity to test out your antenna and also your CW skills. I used to turn the rig off when I heard a contest in full swing but then thought at least I can see what I can work and so now I put them to good use and have a bit of fun for a while. No need to work for hours, just work as many as you like and see what you can do. I like to start off calling a station with as low a power as I can and see how many calls it takes to get a reply. Surprisingly I get answers to micro watt power a lot more often than I would expect.

MARAC CW QSO Party: 0000Z, May 2 to 2400Z, May 3
Araucaria VHF Contest: 0000Z, May 2 to 1600Z, May 3
10-10 Int. Spring Contest, CW: 0001Z, May 2 to 2359Z, May 3
7th Call Area QSO Party: 1300Z, May 2 to 0700Z, May 3
Portuguese Navy Day Contest: 1500Z, May 2 to 1500Z, May 3
Indiana QSO Party: 1600Z, May 2 to 0400Z, May 3
New England QSO Party: 2000Z, May 2 to 0500Z, May 3 and 1300Z-2400Z, May 3
ARI International DX Contest: 2000Z, May 2 to 1959Z, May 3
ARS Spartan Sprint: 0100Z-0300Z, May 5

[info by G4KKI]

Today I worked: IW6ATQ on 20m; EO64L; IZ3NUL with PSK31 on 40m.
9A4D; IZ4MJA; YL3FT with SSB on 40m.

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