Friday, May 29, 2009


Tonight I worked two stations from Sardinia on 30 meter with CW. On photo you see Simone ISØAFM from Cagliari. I worked him with 2,5 watt. An ISØGQX, Uno from Sinnai. I worked him with 1 watt.


  1. Hello Paul. I managed to work IS0GQX this afternoon. Took a lot of repeats for Uno to get my call sign. I appreciated his patience. An A-1 operator. So my 4 watts managed to get across the Atlantic and into the Med, hi.

    Dick N2UGB

  2. Hi Dick, that's a really nice piece of work. What kind of antenna do you use? I took a look with Google street view into your place. I could almost peek through you window. ;-) Nice place your live there in Amsterdam. Have a nice weekend Dick. 73's Paul

  3. Good morning Paul. I live in an old Victorian house, now converted into apartments. I am on the second (US) floor. The antenna is a Buddistick vertical attached to the window-sill. A 10-foot whip is attached to the coil. Must use a tuner as I just can't adjust the counterpoise well enough to get it completely resonant. The swr meter in the FT-817 shows no swr, but a Daiwa meter does show a I use an MFJ tuner. ONLY antenna possible, here.

    72/73 de Dick

  4. Hi Dick, I think I know which house you mean (Google Maps) Well, big antennas could be a problem in my neighborhood also, so I am very low profile with a Miracle Whip and wire outside to a tree. Not completely stealth, but enough to keep the neighbors satisfied. ;-)Yes, sri, you told about the Buddistick. Well, if you can work Sardinia with it, then it works very good. 73's Paul


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