Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is CW going to be lost, when the oldies are gone? Will give younger generations CW another chance? When you have learned the new language, a new world will open for you. And really, with a CW signal you will come further, it's better readable than phone. In the beginning it's a struggle. I know, but when you study for a year, every day a half hour, then you will be able to decode morse with your own ears. Here is what K3WWP says about CW vs phone:
Going a little bit further, assuming a SSB signal takes up 2000 Hz., and comparing a 100 watt 25 WPM CW signal with a 100 watt SSB signal, we have the following. The average power density for CW is 100W / 100 Hz. or 1 w/Hz. For SSB it's 100W / 2000 Hz. or .05 w/Hz. Follow closely now, it gets interesting although a little more technical. We could say that the gain in using CW over SSB is Gain(db) = 10*log(1/.05) which is about 13db. That means that a 5 watt CW signal packs an equivalent punch to a SSB signal at 100 watts. [K3WWP]
So thats why QRP is fun. A small rig, and you can work a lot of stations.

Tonight I tried SSB on 40 meter. I heard LA8OKA, Martin from Slattum, Norway calling. I worked him and though I was very weak , we could make a QSO.
Then I switched to 80 meter, almost impossible with my antenna. But MØIPS heard me. It was very difficult but he got my callsign and my report was 3-4. We could not really talk to each other, but the contact was made.


  1. Hi there, only this week I had decided im going to learn CW. Im a M3 foundation license holder and sometimes i would like my signal to go further.. 73 and thanks for the info

  2. Hello Lawrie, good action, it's a nice mode and very effective. 73 Paul


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