Monday, March 30, 2009

Conditions were poor on 20 meter, but in the early morning I didn't hear Russians stations, and I usually do, now I heard VK3DBD and 6W1SE Senegal. This afternoon I worked RV9MA Vlad from Omsk (photo) Asiatic Russia (4338 km) with BPSK31 on 20 meter. And with SSB I worked US4IFA, Nick from Donetsk, Ukraine on 20 meter. Tonight I had a nice 2-way QRP QSO (both 5 watt) with YT1DL/QRP Dusan from Lajkovac, Serbia on 40 meter with BPSK31. A distance of 1456 km.

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  1. Radio at my side was Genesis G40, 5W home made SDR QRP TRX.

    vy 73 de YT1DL/QRP


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