Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Automatic Keyer software EhoCW

On photo EW6OO, Victor from Vitebsk, Belarus. We had a nice QRP contact with CW on the QRP calling frequency 14060 KHz. He had also 5 watt and his antenna was a Delta Loop. With my QRP rig I worked also RA9MP Yuri from Omsk, Asiatic Russia. A distance of 4350 km. I worked also RZ1OM Serge from Arkhangelsk, Russia on 20 meter CW. A distance of 2400 km.

This afternoon I worked IT9QAU Ferdi from Catania, Italy on 20 meter with CW. I am using for CW a software automatic keyer EhoCW. Pretty neat. It decodes also the incoming signal, and I can change the speed easily, it detect the speed of of my fellow amateur. But I must correct the macro because I told Ferdi I was QRP with 100 watt. Hi. When they come back with 35 words per minute, no problem anymore. Well, I become lazy...

The site of F8EHO (EhoCW software)

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