Sunday, March 29, 2009

40 meter double size

But some relief is on the way. As of March 29, 2009, foreign shortwave stations broadcasting on 40 meters between 7100 and 7200 KHz are to cease. They will be permitted, however, to continue using 7200 to 7300 KHz. So, that will free a 100-KHz portion of the band from the terrible interference those high-powered stations generate. As such, the 40-meter band will double in size for many of the world's hams. (EI1IX)
Today is was a nice experience to hear no broadcast stations between 7100 and 7200 KHz. Now we have a double size 40 meter band. Yep!!

But... the CQ WW WPX contest is going on and there are amateurs working SSB in the CW part of the 40 meter band. Why? Shut up please!

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