Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is a photo of Andorra, one of the small countries I like to work. I do have worked 52 DXCC countries but I have to work a few more to have all of Europe. My wanted list is: Sardinia (IS), Georgia (4L), Corsica (TK), Iceland (TF), Faeroe Islands (OY), Luxembourg (So close but hard to get)(LX), Monaco (3A), Liechtenstein (HB0), Cyprus (5B), Moldavia (ER), Albania (ZA), Madeira (CT3), Ils. of man (GD), Jersey (GJ), Guernsey (GU) and Gibraltar(ZB). Yesterday I almost work a LX station with BPSK31, but he was lost in QSB. OK, that's my next project. No long distance but to make Europe complete.

This Afternoon I worked with BPSK31 on 20 meter: UT2UQ, Victor from Kiev, Ukraine.
On 40 meter: HB9CQT, Hans from Kirchberg, Switzerland. I lost him in the strong QSB in the second part of our QSO. And G8ZSG, John from near Plymouth, England. He is not in the callbook of

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