Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Miracle Whip

Here is the Miracle Whip Antenna in use by Juan EA5BLP. How simple ham radio can be. What else do we need more than a small rig and a handy antenna and a Morse keyer. When I go with holidays I take my FT817 and MW antenna in my backpack, 10 meter wire and I am ready to work thousands of miles. This is another way to enjoy ham radio. I know their are a lot of radioamateurs who are cynical about 'Miracle antennas' and they tell us that something like that doesn't work. But I can only tell you that my experiments with the MW are satisfying. Even when the sunspots are extreme low or absent, even then I can make daily contacts all over Europe and sometimes outside Europe. QRP means you have to explore your operating skills. Listen carefully for stations who are calling CQ. Most of the time I listen for 80% and transmit 20%. A few QSO's a day is enough for me.

Today I worked with BPSK31 on 40 meter: OK1AKU, Stepan from Chodov, CZECH REPUBLIC. And DL2UWL, Manfred near Munich, Germany. And the last one for today: SV2MKV Nikos from Thessaloniki, Greece - distance 1928 km.

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