Saturday, February 28, 2009

QRP the new challenge

QRP is the challenge. The equipment is small and not expensive. See this wonderful small transceiver: the MFJ-9020 a CW transceiver for 20 meter. Only 209,95 dollar. And MFJ has more to offer. A ATU and wire and go for it. I use a Miracle Whip, and so does EA5BLP. Read his quote (Miracle Whip Yahoo Group):

"We have all kind of strange QSL. Far islands, remote countries, unknown paradises....And one day we discover the intimate feeling of qrp. We have been working perhaps with a home made linear amplifier (or commercial) , 1 Kw radiating from our beam. But we are not this kind of people who needs competition for feeling alive. So, one day we decide to live a very intimate feeling. We take our poor qrp rig and walk on the mountains or near the sea. What we are looking from is not to be the best, but demonstrate to ourselves that we can do a good job out from the bands proud noise. And we do with our excellent whip!! I had big pile ups with JA stations. Now, I know that less is more. Well, I discovered this life mystery long time ago. But the question is to experiment it. This whip is a good help.
73 dx!! Juan, EA5BLP"

I must confess, I was a QRO myself for years. It was obvious for me to work everything I heard on HF. I had no other thoughts. But in the end there was no challenge any more. JA, VK, LU... no problem. But life could be so simple and have fun too. QRP is the answer. I know Wally, PA3BTT who build his own SW20+ (Smallwonderlabs) and is QRV with 2 watts. Also a nice transceiver. QRP is good for our environment, less power consumption. That's another point of view. Have a nice weekend!

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