Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today my callsign PA9B is no longer valid. My new (old) callsign is PAØPSY again. This was my first callsign and I am pleased to have it back again. I couldn't get the old callsign out of my head, especially with CW. In the early years I made almost all of my QSO's with CW. In august last year, after an period of 20 years, I changed it to PA9B. I saw that PAØPSY was still available at Agentschap Telecom, and before someone else will take 'my' callsign... you know.

Stations I worked today with BPSK31 on 20 meter: SA2YLM , Maria (Young Lady Maria) from Abborrtrask, Sweden. It is the first time I worked a woman operator. My Digipan Makro was made with 'dear OM' Sorry Maria. I saw it to late on my screen. EA3/EA8TL, Jorge from Spain. UA9UDC, Vladimir from Berezovski, Asiatic Russia, distance: 5010 km. And with my new callsign: RN6BY, Alex from Novorossiysk, Russian Federation. Distance: 2565 km.

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