Friday, February 13, 2009

How sure is sure?

I am not really a QSL card collector. I got plenty in boxes but I never looked at it twice. I am not going for awards. So... Since my return on air last august 2008 I made a lot of contacts. Most of the contacts promised a QSL card 100% sure. But how sure is sure? I do not received one card since then. Huh? Well, only one QSL card by mail from Bill GØNGE (thanks!) one hour after the QSO.

So I decided to stop with paper QSL cards. If any one want a QSL card from me, send me a request by mail and you will get one by mail. 100% sure. Send your request to:


  1. Anonymous2/14/2009

    via bureau it take long time , i rx my first qsl afther 22 mouths , i send out now 2600 cards , i rx only 126 sofar , so neet to have lots of pations , best 73,s

  2. I have to be more patient I think... ;-)


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