Sunday, January 11, 2009

While everybody is skating...

Was I searching for QSO's. CW was going bad today. I made a lot of mistakes with the electronic keyer. On photo the QSL card of I1YRL, Luc from ALPIGNANO, he joined the Royal Navy. Luc, ex Naval operator and CW operator since 1965, has worked 400,000 QSO CW only! Sorry Luc for my sloppy CW. My father and my eldest son joined both the Dutch Royal Navy. So I like to see Marine Frigates. I worked Luc on 20 meter. I also worked with CW: UX7UA on 20 meter and YL1ZO from Penkule. On 40 meter LZØ9BR from Karlovo with CW and 9a2ØØ9ZD with SSB. And OK7FL on 40 meter with CW.

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