Saturday, January 17, 2009


The weekend is for the family. But the XYL and daughter are busy with their horses, so I can make a few qso's. On photo OK1HAI, Alois from Lisov. We worked for the second time with BPSK31 on 40 meter. Also worked on 40 m BPSK31: EA/PE1LCE Bert who is on vacation in Spain. A good choice cos' it's raining and windy in the Netherlands. G6BIT, Nigel from Bury, I lost him in the second part of our QSO. He asked me about his signal on the waterfall: well, its was clean and nice! SP7NJR, Pawel from Wielun. He also was QRP 5 watt. How nice it is to work each other with such a low power. I2CZQ, Pietro from Brechia; and OE6JFG Franz from Steiermark. I wish you all a fine Saturday.

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