Monday, January 12, 2009

On photo Pedro EA5NI from Cartagena, Spain. We worked on 20 meter with CW. On 40 meter with CW F6EAZ, Chris from Dijon, France and LZ1PJ, Ivan from Sofia. Although the sunspot number was 20 today, conditions were poor above 10 Mhz. On 40 conditions were very good. I heard tonight TS7C with a big pile up and 4Z4DX. And there is something strange, something I don't understand, why is someone tuning on the same frequency of rare DX. Whistling, put a carrier on the frequency, or calling: "Ooolla, ooolla...' please tell me why? Why can't they go 3 or 4 kilohertz down or up and tuning?

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