Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Conditions were poor on the 40 and 20 meter band. I didn't took much time today to work on HF. I had one qso this afternoon with SN9ØHUO, Artur from CZERNIEJEWO, Poland with BPSK31 on 40 meter. A special callsign for The 90th anniversary of the successful Wielkopolska Rising. This rising by Wielkopolska’s people in 1918-1919 liberated, ancient lands which were the cradle of Polish nationhood from Prussian (German) annexation. The Rising began on 27 th December 1918 when Jan Ignacy PADEREWSKI, politician and well known composer, arrived in Poznań. The Chief Commanders were Gen. Stanisław TACZAK and Gen. Józef DOWBOR MUŚNICKI. So, now you know. That's all for today.

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